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We help your business reach the right people, so you can focus on doing what you love.

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We believe that establishing a strong foundation is the ultimate advantage a business can have in today's competitive landscape.

At Fundament, our mission is dedicated to building this solid base through a comprehensive blend of services including targeted work initiatives, specialized training programs, expert coaching, and strategic consulting.

By integrating these elements, we empower your business to thrive and adapt in a rapidly evolving market, ensuring that you not only meet your goals but exceed them.

- Ricardo Prosperi, Founder of Fundament

We help you become more visible!

Work can be done for you, with you or by you.
Or a mix of them through our 3 core pillars.
Contact us and we will find the right strategy for your business.


Amplify your brand with Fundament's dynamic marketing solutions & strategies. Building from the base up, moving forward to improved strategies and campaigns.

Show Marketig Services ↘

↘ Branding
↘ Brand Guidelines
↘ Social Media Templates
↘ Social Media Marketing
↘ Online Marketing
↘ Google Ads
↘ Content Creation (Video/Photo)
↘ Website Development
↘ Strategies & Positioning
↘ National Campaigns


Unlock potential with Fundament's coaching. Tailored to improve leadership and team dynamics, our trainings empower you for personal and professional excellence.

Show Coaching Services ↘

↘ Learn the fundamentals of online and offline marketing
↘ Create a social media strategy
↘ Online planning
↘ Organization and clear structures


Enhance your business strategy with Fundament's consulting services. We deliver insights and actionable solutions that drive efficiency, market growth long-term and will actually save you money.

Show Consulting Services ↘

↘ Profit from Valuable Agency Knowledge
↘ Be accompanied with bigger projects
↘ Get insights of year long experience
↘ Focus on what’s important
↘ Up to date information in the world of AI and Web3
↘ Budget Optimization

want to

increase engagement?

grow brand awareness?

build a community?

generate leads?

boost sales?

increase engagement?

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Every company evolves through distinct stages in marketing.

The FNDMNT. Phase is where every brand begins its journey to make a mark.

Lay the groundwork with the Fundament Phase, where establishing your brand's guidelines, creating a coherent branding strategy, and setting up your digital presence are essential. This stage sets the path for all future growth.

The Growth Phase is focused on producing consistent, high-quality content.

Focused on maintaining a consistent output of fresh content, generating innovative ideas, and good planning. This phase is designed to build structure and momentum and enhance your market presence.

The Impact Phase is about making big, bold moves to cement your brand's presence in the market.

Make a significant impact with this Phase, where your efforts culminate in large-scale campaigns that resonate both locally and nationally. With a mix of out-of-home and digital distribution, everything centers around one core idea & concept.

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Reach the next level today.

Fundament's mission is to help you reach the next level in marketing, communication, and organization.

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